Everything we know about the Sony PlayStation 5 Slim (Rumors)

Sony PlayStation 5 SlimImage: Concept Creator (YouTube)

Sony released the PlayStation 5 console back in 2020, and it remains a popular piece of gaming hardware to date. So much so, people are still facing shortage issues. Now, rumor has it that Sony is planning to release a slim version of the PS 5. Here’s everything we know so far about the Sony PlayStation 5 Slim.

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Rumors:

According to The LeakSony is planning to release a slimmer version of the PlayStation 5. However, there’s a chance the device won’t be called Slim.

Sony Playstation 5 Standard and Digital model editionImage: Sony PlayStation 5

Regardless of the name, the upcoming console will be lighter thanks to a die-shrink treatment. The latter is a more advanced fabrication process for shrinking a die of a processor’s circuit. This results in smaller pathways and elements used in the circuit’s construction, which take up less space.

Furthermore, it benefits chip foundries in terms of cost, as shrinking the die means fewer major architectural changes to the processor. The new PS 5 Slim console is also rumored to use less power and thus will run cooler than the standard PS 5.

According to reports, the company is also working on a solution to eliminating the need for a PS5 stand when the system is placed horizontally.

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Launch (Expected)

It’s all the early PS 5 Slim rumors we’re hearing in bits and pieces. However, based on the company’s track record, Sony will almost certainly release a smaller and lighter version of the PS 5. Reports suggest that the Sony PlayStation 5 Slim could be released as early as the third quarter of next year.

ConsoleLaunch (Expected)
PS 5 SlimQ3, 2023
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