Exchange Camp of CG Motors, Neta V electric car can be exchanged with any vehicle

CG Motors has started Neta V Exchange Camp. Exchange camp has been started at Vishalnagar showroom and other places in Kathmandu.


Under the campaign, which will run until Friday, March 10, Neta V electric car can be exchanged with any brand of petroleum or other vehicle.

According to the company, CG Motors will provide a suitable valuation of the old vehicle, and on this occasion, those who visit the showroom and test drive the vehicle will also be provided with attractive gifts along with refreshments.

Customers who want to ride an electric car can benefit from the offer brought with the tagline ‘Switch to EV’.

38.5 kWh battery produced by CATL, the largest battery manufacturing company, has been used in the Neta V car. The company says that the battery and motor used in Neta are given a warranty of 8 years or 150,000 km.

Its price has been fixed at 37 lakh 99 thousand rupees. Similarly, every buyer of CG Motors gets a 6.6 KW charger and one year insurance free of cost. 380 km on one full charge Neta V is a popular electric car available in Nepali market.

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