Facilities provided by Softwarerica College, an institution offering IT courses from British universities

Softwarerica College Of IT and E-Commerce is located in Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu. Softwarerica College was established in 2010 with the aim of providing quality information technology education in Nepal.


In the early days, the college conducted diploma programs called NCC Education, which were called Level Four, Level Five. Students used to graduate after studying under Level Six University. This process continued till 2017. Then in 2018, Softwarerica College got affiliation from Coventry University.

Pramod Paudel, campus head of Softwareica College of IT and E-Commerce, said that after getting affiliation from Coventry University in the UK in 2018, it has been conducting undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Softwarerica College, which was established in 2010, was conducting a diploma program called NCC Education at the beginning,’ he told ICT News.

Pramod Paudel

Currently, Softwareica College is teaching Bachelors in Computing, Bachelors in Ethical Hacking and Cyber ​​Security and Masters in Data Science and Computational Intelligence.

But Paudel says that we are preparing to start Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence (AI) program in the near future. In Softwareica College, the undergraduate fee is around 12 lakh rupees and the postgraduate fee is between 5 to 6 lakh rupees. Admission will be open till Dashain.

Paudel says that a large part of the fees collected from the students is invested in the students themselves. He says, ‘Whatever fee we charge from the students, we invest a large part of it in the students themselves. As a result, we have been able to give practical education to students.’

The college is doing various activities to produce skilled manpower in the field of information technology. It has prepared necessary labs for students by bringing materials from home and abroad. In addition to this, the college is also teaching students by bringing professors from abroad.

Now a professor from America is teaching at Footlime College. Paudel said that Softwareica College has been successful in providing quality education to students in its journey of 13-14 years.

‘Softwareka College has been giving practical education. If there is sufficient infrastructure, we have been bringing professors from abroad to teach,’ he said, ‘that’s why many students have chosen Softwarerica College.’

The curriculum taught by Softwareica College is also up to date. Coventry University reviews the curriculum every 2 years to make it market focused. But Softwareica is not only focused on college courses.

It has been conducting various extracurricular activities with the aim of preparing skilled human resources in information technology and emphasizing their all-round development. The college conducts various seminars, workshops and fairs from time to time. The college has collaboration with Australia’s Latrobe and Catholic University. Virtual lectures, guest sessions and webinars are held from there.

He informed that the professors of the cooperating universities come to Nepal and conduct various workshops and seminars. Apart from this, the students have also been holding a fair every year to show the prepared projects to those interested in information technology.

Just a few months ago, Tex X 2023 was held and over 10,000 viewers watched it. Marketable student projects are showcased at Tech X.

He said that the college will also invest in the project made by the students. If the student’s project has potential, the college will invest. “The college has also been investing in making prototypes of the project,” he says. “The college has also built an incubation center for students to further refine their ideas and make them marketable.”

The incubation center of the college has not been effective due to busy students. But if they want, students can also work through the incubation center. The college has also arranged student exchange with foreign universities.

Students can study in Nepal for one year and study in UK and Australia for the rest of the year. Apart from this, there is also a summer exchange. Every year, Softwarerica College also takes 10 students on a visit to Coventry University.

So far more than 5000 students have graduated from the college. They are working in leading companies in the country and abroad. He said that 5,000 students are enrolled, but most of them are abroad.

‘Graduates cannot be kept in Nepal. 80 percent of the students who graduated from our college are outside,’ he said.

Softwarerica College has collaborated with 18 to 20 IT companies for internships. The college claims to give 100 percent placement to graduate students. Paudel says that students who have graduated from college are not yet unemployed.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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