Farmers plow fields with power liters, and spread fertilizer with drones

Chetraj Chaudhary of Shuklaphanta Municipality-3 Pipladi of Kanchanpur has been involved in the agricultural profession for a long time. Chaudhary has four and a half bigha of land in Pipladi.


It has been five years since he stopped using plows and oxen to plow the fields, now he uses a ‘power tiller’.

“Earlier, the fields were plowed with a row, now there is a power tiller, the use of technology has increased for farming, he said, ‘the use of technology has made many farmers more comfortable.’

For years, he has been cultivating vegetables, sugarcane, wheat and paddy. Belonging to the Kurerua Farmers Group, he purchased agricultural machinery with government subsidies.

They now have tools like reapers for cutting crops, mud wheels for planting, power tillers for ploughing. ‘We use those tools to harvest rice and wheat, till the fields and plant’, he said.

Anila Chaudhary of Shuklaphanta-2 Lakshmipur has also started using technology in farming for a few years. ‘Farming can be done easily in a short time, now most of the villages are doing farming using agricultural machinery’, she said, ‘this has saved time and the production has also increased.’

As manpower, cost and time are reduced, the use of mechanization in the agricultural sector is increasing in Kanchanpur recently. Farmers’ interest in using technology is increasing.

When there is a shortage of human labor, farmers have started to become self-sufficient after mechanization in agriculture.

“Earlier, we used to farm in the traditional way, although it required more manpower and cost, the production was low,” Chowdhury said, “now we are farming with the use of agricultural equipment, which results in more production at a lower cost.”

Farmers of Arghakhanchi are using drone technology to fertilize and irrigate vegetables. They are spraying pesticides on vegetables from drones.

Madhukar Poudel, a vegetable farmer of Arghakhanchi, says, ‘Now we have been spraying pesticides on vegetables through drones. It has been 3 years since this technology was introduced. It is very easy. It has also given relief.’

Similarly, farmers are taking the help of drones to spread fertilizer on wheat in Banke. They have been spreading urea fertilizer on the wheat planted in the fields through drones for the past 2 years. Banke farmer Badri Nayarayan KC said, ‘It’s been 2 years since we spread urea fertilizer on wheat through drone. Urea goes equally to all fields. This has made the work of the farmer difficult.

Similarly, Dang Garhwa rural municipality has distributed 18 horse power power tiller to 15 farmers within the municipality.

Garhwa rural municipality chief Yam Narayan Sharma Pokhral informed that 15 farmers have been handed over power tillers to farmers’ groups, cooperatives and individual firms with the aim of increasing farmers’ production, increasing agricultural profession, making it easier for farmers to live and enjoy farming.

He said that in the coming days, the municipality will always work for the rights and interests of the farmers while looking into the problems of the farmers.

He said that Garhwa rural municipality will distribute 18 horse power tiller to the farmers with 50% subsidy to farmers groups, cooperatives, agricultural firms selected under the agricultural mechanization program of the agricultural program approved in the budget of 2080/81.

Handing over the handle to the farmers who have received the power tiller, the vice president of the municipality believes that it will be easy for the farmers to cultivate and the farmers will be attracted to agriculture that can cultivate more in a short time and save time.

With the introduction of new technologies through various programs of the government and other agencies in Kanchanpur, the agricultural work has become easier. There is a shortage of manpower to work in the agricultural sector when the youth working in the village go to foreign jobs and work in other fields.

Chetraj Chowdhury says that while manpower is becoming very expensive, agricultural mechanization will increase the production at low cost, so the attraction of farmers towards technology has increased.

“There is no manpower to work like in the past, technology has made it easier when there is less manpower, he said, ‘In the past it took months to plow the fields, now it can be done in a week or two.’ Haridatta Joshi, Information Officer of Agricultural Knowledge Center, said that the use of tools and equipment has increased in the agricultural sector of Kanchanpur.

“The new devices and tools used in agriculture have reached everywhere, the traditional style has been replaced by technology,” he said. According to him, small and big equipment are being used in the agricultural sector of Punarvas, Belauri, Lalzhadi, Bedkot, Shuklaphanta, Krishnapur, Dodhara Chandni, Bhimdatta and other places.

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