Follow these five tips to stay safe in the digital world

Kathmandu. In recent times, as digital access is increasing, security threats are also increasing. As a result, no matter how careful you are on the Internet, you can fall into a hacker's trap.

It may not be your fault alone. Sometimes you can become a victim of hackers due to the mistakes of others. So today here we are going to inform you about some cyber security rules that you can follow.

Don't panic if the incident happens

In some cases, you may get caught in the trap of Atalidaan hacking. Suppose something happens. Now, when you are scared or stuck, you are more likely to make more mistakes. On the other hand, hackers are trying to take advantage of your stuck situation.

Because you are more likely to make mistakes when you are scared. If such a situation arises, first of all, you should try to keep your mind calm. Then with a calm mind where did you go wrong? What is the correct solution? You can think about things like

Do not open suspicious files sent by strangers

Most of the cyber crime problems can come from emails, messages. Things are done when there is a lot of greed in such messages. And it may look like a normal word document. But there may be a dangerous virus inside it. Which can cause damage ranging from draining your bank account to damaging the device itself.

Therefore, you should not open emails or messages from strangers. Kholiha should also not download the link or file sent to it. Instead you can check if the link or file is safe without opening it. Click here for this.

Think before you click on a link

Hackers use social engineering to play on users' trust. A hacker can impersonate a site you use regularly and trick you. When you enter your login details on such sites, the hacker collects your information. It is also called a phishing attack.

That's why you should be careful when someone asks you to open a link. Or if you have a habit of clicking links without thinking, you should improve it.

Avoid spending on security software

Some security software companies show fear of hacking or make misleading advertisements just to sell their products and services. They claim that the built-in protection in the computer is not good. Until a few years ago, what they said was almost true. But now the situation is not the same.

Most of the companies today are strengthening their built-in protection. At present, experts say that such anti-virus software slows down the computer itself. In this sense, you do not need to spend on security software. But your device needs to be updated.

Do not download the app in an unauthorized manner

This is a very likely way to get into the hands of a hacker. In the name of saving money, some people download cracked programs from unauthorized places. Not all of them are always well thought out. One of them may contain a malware virus.

Moreover, you can also fall into the hacker's trap by following the links advertised on the Internet and downloading programs that appear. So the best option is not to download the app in an unauthorized way.

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