For the first time in Nepal, an AI workshop is being held targeting non-technical people, so be a participant

For the first time in Nepal, an AI workshop is being held targeting non-technical people, so be a participant

Fuse Machine Inc., an organization working in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is going to conduct an ‘AI to Go’ workshop.

This workshop will be conducted from 18th July. This online workshop, which covers all the topics related to AI, will run for four consecutive weeks.

According to FuseMessions, the workshop is aimed at professionals who do not have computer science or related technical knowledge or have limited knowledge and are working in computer but do not have knowledge about AI.

The main goal of this workshop is to equip the participants with basic knowledge and skills about AI and to enhance their ability to think creatively and work responsibly about AI and machine learning in the professional field in which they are working.

The program will feature eight live online sessions. During these sessions, notable experts, professors and computer scientists from the AI ​​field in the United States will take classes as guest lectures and experimental classes on programming will also be conducted.

Depending on the convenience of the participating trainees, it can be connected from any device from desktop computer or mobile phone. Participants will be able to download additional study materials related to the training topics at any time that suits them during the training period.

At the end of the AITugo workshop, the participating trainees will learn about machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, classification regression, machine learning workflow, dataset and AI model creation, computer vision, natural learning language and work ethic. Has been done.

Bulant Uyaniker, a senior AI researcher at FuseMachines, said that despite the growing awareness of AI and the collective urgency to enter the age of digital transformation, there is a lack of competent people with relevant knowledge and experience.

“On the one hand, we are trying to increase access to AI knowledge through serious trainings such as AITugo, and on the other hand, we are empowering Nepal’s professional community through rehabilitation and skill development measures to open the door for them to use it in the field or enter a new AI-centric profession.” He said.

Similarly, Sameer Maskey, CEO of FuseMachines, said, “We launched the ‘AI Education Program for Nepal’ two years ago with the objective of providing high quality AI education to people living in every part of the country.

On the one hand, we have been providing continuous AI training opportunities to hundreds of computer science and information technology students, and we are particularly excited by the interest shown by non-technical professionals in Nepal.

“In order to accelerate our journey to make AI accessible to the general public in Nepal, we need to increase training opportunities for professionals in the non-technical sector as well,” says Maskey. We will be able to achieve success in both education and professional opportunities.

To learn more about this AI workshop and to participate click here Do it Also, if you enroll in this workshop before July 11, you will get 30 percent discount.

Founded in 2013, Fusion Machine is also running AI education, AI Foundation, micro degree and other programs for Nepal.


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