For the first time in Nepal, ‘Entrepreneurs Portal’ is useful for those who want to become a public entrepreneur

For the first time in Nepal, ‘Entrepreneurs Portal’ is useful for those who want to become a public entrepreneur

To teach entrepreneurship skills for the first time in Nepal ‘Entrepreneurs Portal’ Has been made public. The Naples Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF) launched the portal on Monday with the aim of providing all the information needed for entrepreneurship.

Udip Shrestha, Executive Director of Panchakanya Group and Chairman of NYEF, said that information can be obtained by visiting this portal regardless of the state of entrepreneurship.

“Information on how to start a business, how to operate, how to manage can be obtained from the portal,” Shrestha told ICT News. “We have provided information related to entrepreneurship in one place for free.”

The portal has information on business registration, taxes, property registration, business financing, intellectual property, labor law, foreign investment and more.

The portal also provides information on how to attract investors, how to form a team, how to recruit staff, marketing ideas, accounting systems, sales training, how to create a positive work environment under the Resource Entrepreneurs Guide. The portal also has a success story.

Shrestha said that all the information required for entrepreneurship is kept in one portal. He says it will also help businesses and entrepreneurs starting with new startups.

‘This portal will always be free. We plan to update it regularly, ‘he says. We are adding more information and resources to it. ‘

Information of the portal now available in English language will be available in Nepali language after some time. Chairman Shrestha said that the plan to make it public in Nepali language in the first phase was not successful.

‘Translation fees are expensive. “We will do the translation as soon as we have the budget,” he said. “This website is mobile friendly.”

Bringing a networking platform

NYEF is bringing a platform for networking startups and entrepreneurs. The platform will come to the website and mobile app. Shrestha said that they can put their queries on the platform.

“Experiences can be exchanged by connecting with each other,” he said. “If there’s any confusion about startups or entrepreneurship, ask the community.” He said that the networking platform could come in the next six months.

The Naples Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF) is a non-profit organization established in 2003 to develop and promote entrepreneurship in Nepal. The organization is working with special focus on skill learning. It includes 600 young entrepreneurs from across the country.

He informed that the organization has been conducting workshops or exchange of experiences on entrepreneurship every year by bringing in experts.

The organization has also been conducting networking programs. Nepal has also been holding ‘Made in Nepal’ exhibitions to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem. “We have been doing this exhibition every year during the decade,” he said.

The organization is also holding the Young Entrepreneurs Summit-Women. Summit has been organized to promote, empower and make young entrepreneurs sustainable.

Shrestha said that he used to teach his members outside under the exchange program. He says, “Our Leaders Program is a program in which we bring in members from the business team from Canada to support our members and Nepali startups in business incubation.”

The organization currently has 10 chapters. According to Shrestha, work is underway as per the plan to have presence in at least 15 to 17 cities by 2025.

The Naples Young Entrepreneurs Forum is also conducting a Made in Nepal campaign in collaboration with the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The organization is currently working on it.

‘The Corona epidemic has affected many businesses. At such times, we should support Nepali products, ‘he said,’ If you have a Nepali option when you buy some goods, you should give priority to it. This campaign starts before ten. ‘


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