Foreign Minister’s directive to do the work of police report online

Foreign Minister NP Saud has instructed the consular service department under the ministry to do all the police character certificate (PCC) work online.


He directed the director general of the department, Prakashmani Paudel, to arrange for all the police character certificate work to be done online within 10 days.

Currently, even though the other works of the police character certificate are done online, it is mandatory for the service recipient himself or a person who wants to be present to understand the letter with the seal of the consular department and the signature of the certifying officer.

Because of this, there is a rush of customers at the passport department. Foreign Minister Saud has given this instruction to reduce the crowding in the passport department and to remove the obligation of the service users to be present for the verification of the police character certificate.

Director General of Consular Services Department Paudel said that the work of collecting comments to advance the works through online has been done and it will be implemented within two weeks after being approved by the Minister.

PCC’s work was done online. In the end, only after we called, the customer should have come. Now that will be removed’, he said, ‘Now there are few things to be done. The work of raising comments has been done. After getting approval from the minister, we will declare it in 10-15 days.’

As the consular service department arranges to do all the work of the police character certificate online, the obligation of the service recipient to go to Tripureshwar himself or the person he wants will be removed.

The Consular Service Department was established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the decision of the government on 20th of Baisakh 2070, using the authority given by section 9 of the Good Governance (Management and Operation) Act, 2064, to manage the consular service in a simple, convenient, transparent and accountable manner.

Protection of the rights and interests of Nepalis abroad, rescue, compensation initiative, consular authentication, facilities and immunity provided to foreign delegations and diplomatic officials, recommending for the entry permit of the respective country for the officials nominated by the government to visit abroad, etc. have been done by the department.

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