Free computer classes for remote students

Dipika Gharti of Nisikhola rural municipality-2 Kalnechaur of Baglung had a desire to be associated with information technology since childhood.


Growing up playing in a remote village, the opportunity did not come easily to him until he was in the 10th standard. Nisikhola, which is still backward in terms of information technology, lacks proper computer learning facilities.

Gharti, who passed SEE last March, has now got a great opportunity. Devisthan Secondary School located in Nisikhola-1 has conducted free computer training for students who have passed SEE. Only then did Gharti get the opportunity to learn computers for the first time.

Learn computer! It may seem normal in a more accessible place. But it has great importance in remote villages. Many places in Nisikhola still do not have Internet access.

Learning computers is a long way off. Many students have benefited from this opportunity provided by Devisthan Mavi for students. Apart from this school, students from other places are also getting to learn computers for free.

Gharti, who had thought of going to Burtibang market and taking computer classes after giving SEE, is now happy to learn computers at a school near the village.

Since the school started giving free classes, the students have saved thousands of rupees. As there is no computer center nearby, students have to go to markets like Burtibang, Baglung etc.

Gharti says that Devisthan Mavi has given them a golden opportunity in their spare time. He said that if Burtibang sat down and started learning computers, it would cost Rs 40-50 thousand in three months. He says that now he is happy to be able to study for free by eating food at home.

Gharti said – “After SEE, we were talking about going to Burtibang market to learn computer. At that time, friends told us that we can learn computer for ‘free’ at Devisthan school. It is a mistake to understand, now we are taking classes here. If we had gone to Burtibang, we should have looked for a room, the cost is more. It would have been, now I was able to learn after walking here for an hour in the morning, my childhood desire to use computer is now being fulfilled, after learning computer, it will be easier to get other jobs.

Like Gharti, Kapil Magar of Nisikhola-1 Huldi is also taking free computer classes in this school. After giving SEE, he plans to travel for a few days and do housework for the rest of the time, he now comes to learn computers daily.

Magar says that the school has given great opportunities to students from remote villages like them. He said that he has not learned computer yet.

“Even if you want to learn computer at home, the situation is not easy, there is no place to learn around here, you have to go to the big market to learn,” he said, “I thought that I would travel with my friend for a few days and work in the village for a few days, sir, learn computers here for free.” After being informed, I am constantly coming to learn.”

In the market, they charge Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000 for the ‘basic course’ of computers. The school is going to train the students for free for three months.

Principal of Devisthan Secondary School, Jhag Bahadur Chhetri, informed that the school has started providing free computer training to connect students with information technology and make good use of their free time.

He said that not only from Devisthan High School, but also from various schools in Nisikhola and Dhorpatan municipalities, students are coming to learn computers.

Professor Chhetri says that now 50 students are taking classes and the number of students is increasing day by day. The school is conducting classes with only two instructors.

Chhetri said that the school has arranged a minimum wage and lunch for the coach. He said that the computer class which started on 13th Baisakh will be conducted until students are admitted after winning SEE and getting published.

“We have started free computer classes to connect students from remote areas with technology, utilize their free time and develop positive thinking in students,” said Principal Chhetri. , students are participating very enthusiastically.’

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