Free SIM card distribution to students

Free SIM card distribution to students

A free SIM card has been distributed to the students of Palpa district to ease the study which has been stopped for a long time due to corona.

The Rambha village municipality of the district has distributed free SIM cards to more than 1,500 students in the municipality to make it easier for them to study.

According to the village municipality, SIM cards have been distributed for online classes and to make it easier for students to inquire over the phone when the school has not been able to teach for a long time due to the ban.

From the SIM card, the student will be able to call the teacher directly and get the necessary information for homework and textbooks.

Kashiram Basyal, education coordinator of Rambha village, said that the SIMs were distributed to facilitate teaching activities after the school was closed for a long time due to the ban.

Basyal said that learning through alternative means has been started by distributing SIMs as the corona infection has not decreased even now.

Kesh Bahadur Saru, principal of Ravikiran Secondary School, Peepaldanda, said that the students, who had stayed at home earlier, started questioning the subject teacher as soon as they got the SIM card.

The village municipality has so far distributed free SIMs to 1,765 students of class 4 to 10.

Village Municipality Chairman Bishnu Prasad Bhandari said that SIM cards have been distributed to 1,765 students of seven secondary schools and one basic school.

He informed that the village municipality has provided Rs. 125 per school for that. Gorkhapatra


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