From August, the services of transport offices across the country will be provided online

From August, the services of all transport offices across the country will be provided through online technology.


In order to improve the transport sector, the meeting of the ministers and secretaries of the federal government and seven provinces issued an 11-point collective manifesto and decided to implement electronic services with online payment.

In order to make driver’s license services technology-friendly and to remove the crowd in transport offices, it is planned to extend electronic service to all transport offices from the coming month of August.

Currently, this service is in operation only in Pokhara, Gandaki province. It is mentioned in the manifesto that after the online service in that office is successful and effective, it is going to be implemented all over the country.

Embossed number connections have also been decided to be preferred.

Preparations have been started to make embossed numbers mandatory on government vehicles first and then on private and public vehicles as well. It is mentioned in the manifesto that if the embossed number is not connected, it has been decided to stop its renewal.

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport and the provincial governments of all seven provinces have issued the Dhulikhel Manifesto for the improvement of the transport sector.

A meeting was held at Dhulikhel in Kavre along with Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Prakash Jwala, Transport Ministers of seven provinces, secretaries and Chief Ministers of two provinces to formulate a plan for the improvement and implementation of the transport sector.

Minister Jwala said that during the two-day meeting, a manifesto was issued to identify the problems in the transport sector and set a date to find solutions to those problems.

He said that a manifesto has been issued to detect the disease in the transport sector and start the treatment method immediately.

Minister Jwala said, ‘We believe that the decisions made now in the transportation sector will prove to be a milestone.’

Except for the Department of Transport Management, all the offices are under the province. The federal government facilitates the laws, regulations and other matters while the state government implements them. Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, Director General of Transport Management Department, informed that an important coordination meeting between the central government and the state government for making and implementing laws has been completed.

Madhes Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav and Lumbini Chief Minister Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary participated in the coordination meeting.

They were present because the Ministry of Transport of these two provinces were with the Chief Minister.

Minister of Transport and Secretary from other provinces participated, while Secretary of Physical Infrastructure Ministry Keshav Kumar Sharma, Joint Secretary Arjunjung Thapa, Raghuram Bista and others also participated.

The meeting also decided to coordinate and work on issues such as driver’s license, printing of smart driver’s license, embossed number plate, cost reduction of old vehicles, ride sharing, Nepalization of foreign drivers, scientific fare determination.

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