From today, press passes and online media registration and renewal online, here are six ways

From today, press passes and online media registration and renewal online, here are six ways

Now it is possible to apply online for new press representative certificate, identity card of the chairperson and publishers, renewal of press representative certificate and registration and renewal of online media.

From Sunday, July 26, new press representative certificates, identity cards of chairpersons and publishers, renewal of press representative certificates and online media registration and renewal services will be provided online.

For this, the service recipients can go to the website of the Department of Information and Broadcasting and click on the information management system, select the service they need and apply.

The department has informed that the service representative who has completed the process along with the required documents from online will be provided the Press Representative Certificate and Online Media Certificate in the case of Kamadu Valley tomorrow.

The department has also informed that arrangements will be made for the service recipients outside the valley to be provided by the department or the concerned district post office as per the convenience and demand.

Here are six ways

Click here to get online press, renew and register and renew online media. Then there are 3 options.

Choose the option you want to use. If you want to get or renew a press pass, go to Register for Press Pass (Journalist).

Then go to Register type and choose whether to renew or not. After doing so, you can apply for a press pass by keeping your details as per the demand.

Similarly, to register or renew online media, click on Register Online Media option.

Then go to the registration type and choose to register or renew new online media. And online media can be registered or renewed by keeping the required details as per the demand there.

Similarly, there is another option called online portal, from which media posts and labor details can be sent.

The Department of Information and Broadcasting also has a user manual on how to use the above online services.


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