Gapu Tiktak Hero’s Top 50 Finalists Public

Gapu Tiktak Hero’s Top 50 Finalists Public

The names of the top 50 participants of Nepali e-commerce company Gapu Tiktak Heroes have been made public. Gapu selected the top 50 from around 5,600 participants.

Participants made great videos on the occasion, showcasing their talents. Everyone was allowed to make their own video. Gapu’s founding CEO Gyanendra Khadka said that now the competition will be a little different.

Out of 50 selected participants, the best 25 participants will now be selected. In order to reach the top 25, the selected participants have to make a new video and send it again.

Among those who have posted the official TickTack account of Gapu, the one who has the most likes and views on the video will reach the top 25. Therefore, the company is confident that the results will be very transparent.

The best three participants will be selected in the subsequent grand finale. The best three will also be selected from the previous process. In other words, the one who gets the most likes and views will reach the top three from the top 25.

Official website of Gyapu Marketplace (gyapu.comThe names of the top 50 can be seen by going to).


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