Garbage management bills can now be paid directly from the pocket

Garbage management bills can now be paid directly from the pocket

Khalti Digital Wallet, in collaboration with garbage collection companies, has introduced a feature in its app that allows its users to pay garbage management bills from their pockets for free, hassle-free and instantly.

The service has been implemented after an agreement was reached between the waste management company and Khalti Digital Wallet.

With no extra charge, you can now pay your garbage collection bill quickly and easily. Currently, Khalti has launched this service in four areas of the valley, Exxon West Baneshwor, Active Nepal Buddhist, Sarvakalyan Seva Thankot, and Clean Nepal.

In the coming days, Khalti is preparing to bring the facility of paying waste management bill from home through pocket by collaborating with more companies soon.

After signing the agreement, Jonam Bhurtel, assistant manager of Khalti Digital Wallet, said:

“The service was launched with the support of software company Upcode Nepal, for which we are very grateful,” he said. “It will definitely help bring a new revolution in the digital age.”

To take advantage of this service, you have to choose your garbage collection company by tapping on ‘Waste’ on the home screen of your pocket.

Then, after tapping on the ‘GET DETAILS’ button across your card number, the total amount will appear on the next screen. Now, you can pay the bill directly by making sure all the details are correct.


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