‘Gets to the root of the crime, saves the innocent’

On Wednesday 3rd July, a suspicious item was found in front of the shutter of Khotang Halesi Jewelers near Sinamangal Bridge in Kathmandu. Around 10:00 in the morning, the police control got a call saying, ‘There is a bomb-like object placed in front of the Khotang Halesi gold and silver shop in Sinamangal.’ Soon after this information reached the police circle, Gaushala, the police team reached and secured the spot.


A pamphlet was also found there in the name of ‘Nepal Utthan Krantikari Party’. The owner of the jewelery store was asked to support his party. ‘.. We hope that with your help, our country and people will make great progress’, the pamphlet said, ‘RDX bombs are placed here, please be careful.’

After reaching the spot, the police informed the bomb disposal team of the army. The army team came and started the disposal process. Meanwhile, a team including DSP Samir Babu Khadka of Police Circle, Gaushala started watching the scenes of the closed circuit 9CC camera of the nearby shop.

In that sequence, the part below the waist of the person who kept the suspicious item was seen in the CC camera located on the road crossing in front of the shop where the suspicious item was kept.

In the footage at 7:90 a.m., a person wearing a small part of a t-shirt, blue pants and sandals was seen dropping a suspicious object.

Police looked at the CCTV of other shops and concluded that he did not leave that place. At that time, it appeared that he might not have gone far. The police suspected that the accused was somewhere in the crowd. Therefore, on the basis of Hulia, the police team was circulating around in search.

At that time, the police arrested the accused Khajayanti Paswan, 28 years old from Rautahat, from Sudurpaschim Khana Khaja and Sekuwa Ghar Sinamangal, which is near the incident site. The crowd raised slogans in favor of the police when they were arrested and taken away.

After the arrest, it was revealed that the accused Paswan was sitting in the crowd and watching Ramita as the police suspected earlier.

Looking at the CC camera, in the photo of the scene, Paswan is seen in the second wave of the crowd.

In front, a team of armed police is deployed to secure the scene, while behind him, he is sitting slightly separated by a person. Later, at 12:40 p.m., the police arrested him from a nearby hotel.

According to Mane Vishwakarma, the owner of the jewelry store, he received threatening calls demanding Rs 5 lakh.

Similarly, after the murder of Nira Pandey Acharya in Saraswati Nagar, Kapan on 7th Baisakh last year, the police discovered the mystery of the accused fleeing on a tempo with the help of CC cameras. Police found that after the murder with the motive of robbery in Sikri, the accused first rode Tempu to Chabhil and from there rode Pathao to Manohara Bridge.

Nira Pandey Acharya, who had a permanent home in Baglung, was murdered in a pottery shop run by herself called Niru Kitchen. The identity of the accused was revealed only on Friday night, 9 days after the murder. After the technical analysis of the police found out that the young man involved in the murder was Vinod Vick, the police went to Jhapa in search of Vinod and arrested him.

After technical analysis including CCTV footage around the time of the murder, the police searched for Vinod’s involvement in the murder. While studying the video footage of the person seen in the CCTV footage near the incident site, the police reached Manohara Bridge.

After reaching the Manohara Bridge, they found that a person had fallen from a path, and the police searched for that person for about 4 days. After not seeing the suspect in that area, the police used other methods to reach the room where the young man was staying.

It was found that the person suspected to be involved in the murder is Vinod Vick of Jhapa and he was staying with his friends near Pizza Hub Restaurant near VP Smriti Hospital on rent.

When the police reached the room and searched the room, they also recovered the blood stained shirt, bag and shoes used during the incident from Vinod’s camp room. After that, the police reached Jhapa and arrested Vinod and brought him to the Central Bureau of Investigation CIB.

Last June 25, a girl from Pokhara Metropolitan City of Kaski filed a complaint with the police saying that she was raped by an unknown person near Baglung Bazar. It is mentioned in the complaint registered with the police that she was raped in the forest near Maldhunga, Baglung municipality.

After the complaint of the girl who did not even remember Hulia well, the police started searching for the accused. But the police was not sure that the accused would be found in one day. The girl said that the person who raped her was young.

The police started an investigation to bring justice to the victim. The CC camera installed in the freight train became the vehicle of the police investigation.

As the forest near Maldhunga was the scene of the incident, the police started searching for the suspect in that area. Although the person who committed the rape had fled from there, the accused was found with the help of the CCTV camera based on the general information given by the girl.

Police inspector Rajaram Khadka said, “We got information about the suspect from the CCTV camera. We approached the accused based on the audio and pictures.”

On June 26, 28-year-old Bimal Hamal of Kaligandaki Rural Municipality-7 Chapchaur of Gulmi was arrested from Jaimini Municipality-1 Kushmishera of Baglung.

Police Inspector Khadka says that Hamal, who initially denied the charges, confessed to the crime after being shown the CCTV footage. Now the District Court has extended the investigation against him.

This is not the first incident where the police have been helped by CC cameras. A few months ago, the police also arrested the person involved in the murder of Phoolmaya Majhi of Baglung Municipality-1 Majhi Basti with the help of CC cameras.

He says that after a long time, the work of managing CC cameras in Baglung market has become easier in crime investigation and control.

In collaboration with Baglung Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Security Agency, CC cameras have been installed in the market area.

In the last financial year, Baglung Municipality received a subsidy of Rs. 12 lakhs and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rs. At a cost of 350,000 rupees, 13 CCTV cameras have been installed at the main entrance and exit points of the market and at the main square.

Naresh Kandel, president of Baglung Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that work is being done to install 14 more CC cameras in the current financial year. “The bank has provided support for 14 cameras, the work will be completed soon”, he says.

There is a plan to install 186 CC cameras in Baglung market. Kandel says that the work of laying fiver has been completed from Baglung-1 Maldhunga to Tirupati Chowk of Ward No. 4 at a cost of Rs.15 lakhs. He said that since it is a multi-year plan, cameras will be installed gradually.

“Work has been done from building a control room to laying fiber in the police office,” Kandel said. Keeping in mind the peace and security of Baglung market, the process of installing CCTV cameras in various corners of the market has been progressed. Earlier, 29 CC cameras installed in Baglung market are unused.

The Nepal Electricity Authority had a problem in the investigation of the criminal incident in Baglung market because the CCTV cameras that were damaged and removed while relocating the electricity poles could not be reconnected. There is a plan to install CC cameras at the main intersection in Baglung-4 Upallachaur and Pakhathar as well.

Also, the spokesperson of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, Ravindra Regmi, says that CC cameras are the last driver of crime. He says, ‘Most of the incidents that happened in Kathmandu Valley have been brought out by us with the help of CC cameras. CC cameras have also helped to identify those who have committed crimes and run away. The CC camera is now actually becoming the charioteer of the police.’

On June 26, a person was arrested for inhumanely beating a cyclist in Biratnagar.
The video was released on June 20 at around 8:30 pm on the Koshi Highway in Biratnagar’s Dudhpharam where cyclist Pawan Sah was beaten in an inhuman manner by people coming from the opposite direction in a car.

Ayush Vetuwal, 19, Kushal Vetuwal, 18, and Roshan Karki, 30, who had a home address in District Tehrathum, were among those who beat Shah. Ayush was arrested on the 21st, and the deadline was extended in the case of murder. It is also with the help of CC camera to identify the person involved in this incident.

As seen in the video, on the night of June 20, Sah is coming on a bicycle from the opposite direction in the direction of the car number Ba 15 Ch 3445 on the Koshi Highway. When the bicycle comes in front of the car, the car slows down. Sah proceeds on a bicycle from the side.

The car stops on the side. Ayush comes out after opening the door and runs over and punches Sah on the head.

Sah collapses on the road after being punched. After that, Aayush roams the streets. In the video, a person coming behind Sah on a bicycle can be seen confused by all this.

One of Ayush’s friends who got out of the car puts the bicycle on the side. Ayush can be seen in the video holding the unconscious Sah on his two legs and dragging him to his side. The person sitting in the driver’s seat of the car opened the door and stood there watching the incident.

Similarly, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) spokesperson and Superintendent of Police Sanjay Singh Thapa says that CC cameras have played an important role in saving the lives of those who escape from crime and try to commit suicide live on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

He says, now there is more practice of committing crime and running away. There are also those who try to commit suicide by going live on social media. CC cameras have played a very important role in preventing these types of crimes

46-year-old Rama Pandey of Kathmandu-26 Kapurdhara was robbed while she was out for a morning walk at 4:40 a.m. on June 1. 2 people on a motorcycle with an unknown number stole the 1 tola gold sikri he wore around his neck and ran away.

On the 1st of June, 45-year-old Saraswati Khatiwada, who was out for a morning walk near Tokha Municipality-6 Grand Hospital in Kathmandu at 5:55 in the morning, was robbed by 2 people on a motorcycle with an undisclosed sikri number of 1 tola gold worn around her neck.

55-year-old Rekha Ghimire from Niski was robbed by 2 unknown persons on a motorcycle at 5:55 a.m. on the 3rd of June at Buddhchowk, Nagarjun Municipality-5 in Kathmandu.

On the 13th of June at 5:50 in the morning, near Tokha Municipality-3 Bishnumati Bridge in Kathmandu, around 70-year-old Mangalimaya Dangol, 2 unknown persons on a motorcycle came and robbed the gold Sikri worn around her neck.

On the 19th of June at 4:50 am, 34-year-old Ganga Rana Magar, who was out for a morning walk at Tokha Municipality-4 Krishna Mandir in Kathmandu, was robbed by 2 people on a motorcycle, who was wearing a 1 tola gold Sikri around her neck.

On June 19, at 5:37 in the morning, 60-year-old Shrestha, who was out for a morning walk near Bagalamukhi Temple in Kathmandu Metropolitan City-3, was robbed by 2 unknown persons on a motorcycle, wearing a half tola gold sikri around her neck.

On June 20th, at 4:45 in the morning, 43-year-old Rita Shrestha, who was out for a morning walk near 3 Sherpa Petrol Pumps in Tokha Municipality of Kathmandu, was robbed by 2 people on a motorcycle, who was wearing a 1 tola gold Sikri around her neck.

On June 20th at 5:45 am, Kathmandu Metropolitan City: 65-year-old Saraswati Dangol, who was out on the morning walk at 15 Chagal, Janseva March, wearing a 1:25 tola gold sikri around her neck, escaped after being robbed by 2 unknown persons on a motorcycle.

Spokesperson of the division and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dineshraj Mainali says that those involved in all these incidents have been sent to the District Police Complex Kathmandu with the help of CC cameras.

He says, ‘If we don’t find any clue of crime regularly, we look at the CC camera records of the relevant place. It has done a great job in uncovering the mystery of the crime. It is helping the police to act as a third eye. It protects the innocent and brings the guilty to justice by getting to the root of the crime. ‘

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