Gmail’s ‘Select All’ capability arriving imminently

Google is introducing a new and highly anticipated option for Gmail, its mail service. The company is adding a select all button for its users.


Despite regularly updating its features, Google has finally addressed the long-standing demand for a select all feature in Gmail. The company has recently begun working on it, allowing users to select everything at once.

According to a report by Nine to Five, Google is now adding a new ‘Select All’ button to Gmail’s Android app. The report mentions that this feature will be introduced in version 2023.08.20.561750975 of the Android app. This includes Google Pixel smartphones and Galaxy devices running Android 13 and Android 14 operating systems.

It is also possible that this feature will be rolled out for older Android versions in the future. This feature is based on server-side changes.

Google’s Select All feature is already available on the website. Now, it will also be accessible on the mobile app, making it easier for users to manage their inbox on their phones. However, users will be limited to selecting a maximum of 50 emails at a time.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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