Google Bard announced to compete against OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Google Bard AI Assistant Announced

Google has finally announced its conversational AI called “Bard”. It runs on Google’s LaMDA language model and is currently under a trial phase available to a select group of “trusted testers”. Bard is Google’s direct answer to the widely popular conversational AI from OpenAI, called ChatGPT.

Google Brad Homepage

Google Bard AI Chatbot Overview:

On Monday, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Bard, a chatbot AI that is powered by the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). This new and innovative service from Google utilizes the bunch of information available online to provide relevant and high-quality responses to users. Pichai highlighted Bard’s potential in transforming the chatbot AI field in a blog post.

Google showcased an example of simplifying complex topics using Bard in a video, like explaining discoveries of NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to a 9-year-old kid.

Google Bard Response To A Query

AI-powered search with Google Bard

Bard allows users to express their creativity, satisfy their curiosity, and broaden their knowledge rather easily. Additionally, Pichai said that Google plans to add AI features to its pre-existing search engine to solve the complex queries of users.

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These features will summarize information into concise bites, allowing users to quickly understand different complex subjects. And dig more into their topic of personal interest. And all these abilities will soon be available on Google Search as well. On a related note, Microsoft is also preparing to integrate OpenAI into its search engine Bing. But how Google will make Bard unique from ChatGPT is unclear for now.

Google Brad Integration To The Google Search

Google’s main business is web search. So, providing the best search experience to the user is the company’s main aim. Google’s AI chief, Jeff Dean, told employees that the company faces far greater reputational risk if incorrect information is provided, and thus moves more cautiously than a small startup.

Generative Language API

Google also announced that beginning next month, individual developers, creators, and enterprises will be able to test the Generative Language API. Initially, LaMDA will power these APIs and will be expanded to include additional models. Google is also supporting access to computing resources for startups building AI systems partnerships with Cohere,, and Anthropic via Google Cloud.

Google Bard: Availability

As mentioned before, Google Bard is already available to a select group of trusted testers. And Google says it will be available to the general public “in the coming weeks”.

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