Google Chrome’s market share is declining, Safari and Edge are increasing

It is seen that the market share of Google Chrome, the world’s popular browser, is decreasing. According to the data of Stat Counter, the market share of Google Chrome is decreasing.


According to data, the share of Google Chrome is decreasing year by year. Last year, Google Chrome’s market share was 66 percent. But by June 2023 of this year, the share of chrome has decreased to 62 percent.

During this period, the market share of Safari has increased. As of June 2022, the market share was 18.6 percent, but this year it has increased to 20.5 percent.

Apple’s Safari browser comes preloaded on iPhone, Mac and iPad. Google Chrome also comes preloaded on Android and Chromebooks.

However, the market of Brazer is dominated by Chrome. No browser can match it. Apart from this, Microsoft Edge has also increased its market share this year.

Edge browser also comes preloaded on Windows laptops. A number of AI features have been added to Edge over the past few months.

As of June 2022, the Edge browser had a market share of 4 percent, but now it has 5.2 percent. Similarly, the market share of Mozilla Firefox, another browser, has also decreased. It has decreased from 3.2 percent to 2.8 percent of Mozilla.

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