Google has introduced a new AI tool to study the cells of the human body, making it easier to develop medicines

Kathmandu. The artificial intelligence (AI) tools that have been developed for some time do things such as communicating, creating photos/videos/audio, writing code, etc. But the use of AI is not limited to this. Different companies are researching and developing AI for different purposes.

Currently, the process of developing AI tools for people's health has progressed a lot. In this case, Google recently alphafold has released a new AI tool called This tool will help scientists understand the behavior of the microscopic mechanisms that operate cells in the human body. That is, it will help to understand the behavior of proteins in the human body.

This tool has been developed by Google DeepMind, Google's central AI lab, and its subsidiary Isomorphic Labs. This tool is the latest version of Alphafold released in 2020.

At the time, the tool solved a proton puzzle that scientists had been unable to solve for 50 years. Then the scientist named this tool 'The Protein Folding Problem'. The name of the model that has been released now is Alphafold 3.

Google scientists about this tool Nature He has also published a research article in the journal. Alphafold 3 is free for scientists. It is said that this will help them to do more research on molecules like protein and DNA.

According to Google, the previous version of Alphafold has been used to treat diseases like malaria and cancer. Now Alphafold 3 will be used for research on a 'broad spectrum of biological molecules', Google says. It is said that it will help researchers to make new leaps in agriculture and medicine.

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