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Google Pixel Tablet Price Nepal Specifications Features Availability

At the recent Made by Google event, Google not only launched the new Pixel 7 series but also teased the upcoming Pixel tablet. Google’s first Android tablet will hit the market next year and, in this article, we will be discussing everything we know about the tab so far.

Google Pixel Tablet: Everything we know so far

We first learned about the Pixel table back in May, during the Google I/O event. Back then, the company only revealed that the tablet was scheduled to launch next year. But during the launch of the Pixel 7 series, Google talked more about the Pixel tablet also confirming a major rumor.

Charging Speaker Dock

Yes, Google just confirmed that the Pixel tablet will be paired with a new charging speaker dock that will unlock additional features and accessibility. When not in use, you can dock the Pixel tablet which will turn it into a smart hub, while also charging it. You can use it to turn off lights and set thermostats in your smart home.

Google Pixel Tablet Smart Dock

Furthermore, you can also use the Pixel tablet as a hands-free device or a photo frame in dock mode. The built-in speakers will also improve the overall sound output of the tablet.

Tensor G2 chip

Google also confirmed that the upcoming Pixel tablet will be powered by the second-gen Tensor G2 chip. It is the same chip that you can find on Google’s latest flagship, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. As per the company, Tensor G2’s improved image processing and machine learning capabilities will help the tablet in video calling and photo editing as well as in hands-free operation.

Google Pixel 7 Pro - Processor Googl Tensor G2

Rest of the features

Google says the Pixel Tablet uses premium materials and a nano-ceramic finish at the back. The corners and smooth and round and you get a single camera at the back. There is another camera on the front within the top bezels. Google has not confirmed the display size of the tablet but says it will have Material You for the customized feel.

Google Pixel Tablet Material You

Google Pixel Tablet Price and Official Launch

As of now, Google has not revealed the complete specs sheet and the pricing of the Pixel Tablet. The company has not bothered to pinpoint a launch date either.

Android Tablet Launch Date
Google Pixel Tablet2023
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