GPS system now in public transport

GPS system now in public transport

In the current fiscal year, public transport will be connected to the Global Positioning System (GPS) system. The Department of Transport Management has started the process of GPS connection to make public transport systematic.

The traffic police will get online information about the condition of the vehicles running through GPS. The department claims that it will help control the distortion and criminal incidents of public transport.

Namaraj Ghimire, Director General of the Department of Transport Management, said that the regulation and monitoring of public transport would be effective and would facilitate traffic management.

GPS is being connected as a pilot project with the support of the World Bank. Director General Ghimire said, “We are evaluating the tender for GPS connection in public transport. After the evaluation, the agreement will be signed and the GPS connection work will start in this fiscal year.

According to the department, the materials will be distributed in the next two months. Initially, discussions have been held with transport businessmen to connect GPS to 100 public vehicles. The department plans to install GPS in public transport on government vehicles.

Not implemented

The department has not implemented the road in the valley even after three years of prioritizing it by dividing it into three levels. Roads were divided on a priority basis to manage traffic and move to a new route system for traffic management.

The department had divided the road into primary, second and third. The primary route was to take the surrounding road along the roundabout and allow large vehicles and passenger vehicles to run there.

Medium vehicles will operate on the second route. It was said that small vehicles would operate on the third level route and vehicles including taxis would run on it.

With the implementation of this route system, not all vehicles will be able to run on the same route as it is now. This concept of root system is being prepared but the department has not shown interest for its implementation.

Ram Sharan Poudel, technical director of the department, said, “The responsibility of transport management has been handed over to the provinces. We were in a state of readiness but we have not made any plan or thought to move ahead immediately after the division of labor in the states.

The department had reduced hundreds of routes in the valley to 66 routes six years ago. Three years ago, an additional 69 routes were extended.


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