Granth EV, giving 2 dealers outside Kathmandu valley, asked for application

Granth Electrical Vehicle is going to give 2 dealerships outside Kathmandu Valley. Just a short time ago, the text EV FD Motors The brand had launched an electric scooter in the Nepali market.


As the demand for the electric scooter is increasing, the company has decided to give a dealer outside the valley as well. Interested persons, firms and companies can apply for the dealer, the company said.

On 23rd Baisakh, Granth EV launched FD brand 2 model electric scooter with side drive motor, YEL YPF battery, CAN bus controller, brake regeneration, 16 inch front and 14 inch rear tires.

Now the scooter released by Granth EV has been assembled in China in the company’s design. In the near future, the company has prepared to assemble electric scooters in Nepal.

In addition, the company is ready to use materials that can be produced in Nepal. Granth EV has collaborated with National Innovation Center for that.

The price of the F5 model released by the company is 248,999 rupees, while the price of the F5A is 289,999 rupees.

On the occasion of the launch of the scooter, the company has also brought an offer. Under this, the company will give cash equivalent to the electricity bill based on the kilometers traveled by the scooter. Also, these scooters can be bought in installments.

If the government gives any discount on electric scooters, customers who buy now will also get money back on the basis of averaging.

In addition to this, Granth EV said that Mahavir Pun’s National Innovation Center will give 500 rupees from every scooter sold under corporate social responsibility.

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