Happy Minds is an online mental health counseling platform

Shreya Giri from Kathmandu was studying Masters in UK. Corona epidemic started while studying. After the epidemic, his mental health began to suffer.


Shreya needed mental health counseling but she started looking for a good Nepali platform for mental health counseling online but could not find anywhere.

After Britain she came to Nepal and started ‘Happy Minds’ . Happy Minds is an online mental health counseling platform.

Shreya Giri, the founder and managing director of the company, said that Happy Minds was launched to provide mental health counseling to Nepalis anywhere in the world.

‘Covid started while I was studying in Britain. At that time, as my mental health was deteriorating, I needed mental health counseling,’ she told Icity News, ‘but while searching, it was very difficult to find a Nepali counselor online and Happy Minds was started to solve that problem.’

Founder, Shreya Giri

Recently, mental health problems are increasing worldwide. It is estimated that this problem will increase in the coming year. Even the United Nations has included mental health in the goals of sustainable development.

Mental health problems are also increasing in Nepal. Even parents do not know how to improve their child’s mental health.

Problems such as inability to sleep, drug abuse, fear and anxiety are seen in the young generation. Although seemingly normal, these symptoms indicate a possible mental health problem.

Shreya says that every day in Nepal, up to 2 teenagers (children between 13 and 19 years old) attempt suicide. It is certain that these problems will continue to increase if there is not enough public awareness program related to mental health.

Happy Minds is also conducting public awareness programs related to mental health. Public awareness videos related to mental health are being broadcast on social media.

The company has also collaborated with corporate houses, educational institutions, NGOs, INGOs, etc. The company claims that it has succeeded in leaving an impact on more than 35,000 people through public awareness.

She said that the mental health and well-being platform Happy Minds will conduct a psychosocial awareness program and connect with mental health professionals.

Currently, 15 mental health professionals are associated with Happy Minds on a part-time and full-time basis. She narrated the experience of people asking whether people come online for mental health counseling. But now the situation has changed.

More than 5000 people have consulted Happy Minds. Happy Minds has been providing counseling to those with mental problems according to their needs and convenience.

Before making an appointment, the company asks questions such as how long the problem has been, what kind of support is needed, whether the therapist is male or female, whether the service is to be taken online or offline, what time the consultation is in the morning or evening, etc.

After answering those questions, an appointment will be made with the therapist. The appointment is up to 1 hour. You can talk openly there. That will be between you and the therapist. Shreya said that they have paid a lot of attention to data security.

‘We have paid attention to personal data security,’ she says, ‘Happy Minds is operating the service according to the UK guidelines. We do not disclose the full name of the person while providing the service.’

But if any person with mental problems can cause any kind of harm or damage to himself or others, he will inform the family or related person. In any case other than such situation, personal data will be protected and the company urges you to take consulting services with confidence.

Happy Minds, which started with 3 people, has 20 people working in about 2 years. Happy Minds is also operating a 24-hour hotline service.

The hotline service was started less than 6 months after the establishment of the company. Shreya says that the plan to start a hotline came as no one could help immediately.

‘In the beginning, someone has been very difficult. He used to say that bad thoughts are coming,’ says Shreya, ‘rather than needing help right now, we should have diverted him to call here. We have started a hotline to solve this.’

Currently, hotline services are available only to partner organizations. It may be available to other users in the future.

According to the company, the feedback from the people who consulted Happy Minds is good. The company says that those who have taken the service are also referring others.

The company has been providing therapists according to the needs of individuals. If any person has or has started having mental problems, they can call the number provided on the website of Happy Minds or fill the form there.

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Messages can also be sent on all platforms. ‘You don’t have to seek counselling. If you send a message that you need someone to talk to, we are here to help,’ says Shreya happily.

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