Hat Facts: How Do I Choose a Hat That Fits My Face?

Hat Facts: How Do I Choose a Hat That Fits My Face?

The last thing you want when choosing a hat is to look ridiculous wearing it. On the other hand, the right hat for you will give you undeniable style.

Choosing a hat is a matter of knowing what goes well with your face shape. Everyone wondering “How do I choose a hat?” will finally get an answer in this article. Read on!

It’s All About Your Face Shape

Whether we’re talking about types of hats for women or for men, the most important thing to consider when choosing hats is the shape of your face.

Hats aren’t all about size, they’ll fit differently depending on your visage. One hat can look great on someone and not quite fit as well on someone else.

So when wondering how to choose a hat, ask yourself what kind of face shape you have instead.

There are two major parts to choosing the right hat. First, use a soft measuring tape or something flexible enough to measure your head.

If using something other than measuring tape, lay the measurement flat and use a ruler to get the size.

The second thing to consider is the shape of your face and understanding what type of hat will highlight your best features.

Let’s now review the basic face shapes and see what hats fit them best.


People with long faces look best in hats that have wide brims such as sunhats, cowboy hats. You want to avoid exaggerating the longness of your face by picking a hat that cuts across the forehead.

For this reason, you shouldn’t go for a beanie.


If you have a round face, you should look at hats that balance out the roundness with angular features.

A fedora or cloche hat will fit you well.


With a square face, you can go for hats that soften your features. Floppy and wide brims are good choices.

Additionally, a cloche would work well.


People with heart-shaped faces benefit the most from a fedora, newsboy hat, or baseball cap.

The clipped brim tends to counterbalance the wideness of the upper face and the narrowness of the jaw.

Steer clear of floppy brims which can put too much extra volume on the top of your face.


People with oval faces won the jackpot when it comes to hats.

If that is your case, you can pretty much go with any style you like.


When it comes to diamond-face shapes, what matters is how you wear your hat.

For instance, by wearing a hat towards the back of your head, you can avoid making your face look shorter.

How Do I Choose a Hat?

“How do I choose a hat?” is a common question for anyone who’d like to enjoy the benefits of a hat while avoiding picking the wrong type.

Pay attention to your face shape and choose accordingly. Generally speaking, you want to pick a hat with features opposite to you so that it avoids exaggerating your face shape.

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