Have you registered your mobile IMEI number? Here’s how to register online

The number of IMEI registrants has been increasing since the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal (TAN) announced that IMEI numbers of mobiles must be registered and cannot be operated without registration.

NEA has brought Mobile Management Device System (MDMS) into operation from July 20. As soon as this system is implemented, IMEI numbers of all mobiles entering Nepal will have to be registered. If not registered, such mobiles will not work.

NEA implemented a mobile device management system on July 20 to stop illegal mobiles. This system is not yet fully operational.

Even though the commercially sold mobiles were registered at the customs, the IMEI numbers of the mobiles that came in person and as gifts from abroad could not be registered.

NEA has made an arrangement to register the IMEI number of the mobile online. If the IMEI number of your mobile is not registered, you can go to the website of NEA and register.

How to know if the IMEI number of the mobile is registered or not?

To find out if your mobile IMEI number is registered or not click here Do it Then if you know the IMEI number, you can find out if you have registered by entering the IMEI number of the mobile and clicking on submit.

If you do not know the IMEI number, you can find out the IMEI number on your mobile by dialling * # 06 #. If your mobile supports 2 SIMs, it shows 2 IMEI numbers and if it supports one, it shows one.

How to register an IMEI number online?

Initially to register the IMEI number of your mobile click here Do it Then select Nepali by type of applicant and IMEI by type.

After doing so, submit the details of your mobile including brand name, model name, IMEI number, applicant’s name, address, contact number, citizenship or passport or other identity card and email.

If your mobile has 2 IMEI numbers, you need to register both. In place of the IME number, another IMEI number should be entered with a semicolon (;) option.

After you submit, your email will receive information that the application has been submitted, and the email will return when the verification process is complete.

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