Health at Home brings in foreign investment, digitizing the health sector and making it accessible to all

Health at Home brings in foreign investment, digitizing the health sector and making it accessible to all

Health at Home, Med Pro International Pvt. Ltd., which has been providing door-to-door treatment services, has succeeded in attracting foreign investment through Business Oxygen Pvt.

Health at Home has attracted foreign investment with the aim of further digitizing the health sector and expanding the door-to-door treatment.

It is believed that door-to-door service will be accessible to the general public as soon as this investment comes. The new investment is also expected to bring a new dimension in manpower expansion and job creation.

12 years ago, Dr. Health at Home, established by Vishal Dhakal, has been providing health services from door to door. Currently, more than 10,000 households are receiving health care through Health at Home.

Health at Home currently employs more than 400 health workers, while Health at Home treats patients at home, takes lab tests and reports, and provides a variety of therapies.

The health home has been treating patients from door to door even during the Covid epidemic. Aiming to build a nationwide network, the health home has been providing its services through three branches outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Health at Home has also won a number of international awards. Health at Home is a successful organization that has won the Surya Nepal Social Enterprise Award in 2012 and the Social Program Award from the US Government in 2014.

Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. is the first private equity fund in Nepal. It is funded by the International Finance Corporation, DFID / FCDO / Climate Investment Fund.


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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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