Here are six ways to get tokens online from the Bagmati Transport Office

Here are six ways to get tokens online from the Bagmati Transport Office

An online token (e-pass) system has been introduced at the Transportation Management Office of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development in Bagmati. The Transportation Management Office Motorcycle Kathmandu is also implementing online token system from next Sunday.

The Transportation Management Office Motorcycle Kathmandu has requested to bring online token when coming for any service. The office has informed that the service will not be provided if the online token is not taken.

The online token system has already been implemented in the Transportation Management Office and Service Office under Bagmati Pradesh, said Rajan Pokharel, Information Officer at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Bagmati Pradesh.

“We have provided services to all those who bring tokens and those who do not,” he told ICT News. People sitting in line sit in line. People who bring tokens get the service at the time they take it. ‘

The client will be able to avail the service by selecting the day on which the service will be availed. He expressed the belief that this would save the time of the service recipients and also make it easier to get the service.

The online token system is designed to determine the time and time of day to pick up services at transport offices and is designed to provide services safely by reducing unnecessary congestion at offices.

Once you get an e-pass, you can get another e-pass only after 15 days. Once the e-pass is taken, the e-pass only works for one day.

If the related work is not completed in one day, the same pass will be used for the second day for the said work but the information that the work has not been completed should be transferred to the office for another day.

Only the person concerned who wants to avail the service should request e-pass. The pass can only be used by the person concerned. After taking the e-pass, it is not possible to give it to another person or exchange and move it to another person.

It is forbidden to enter the transport office without the identity card filled in the pass. If the identity card cannot be shown or the identity is not confirmed, the transport office will not be allowed to enter.

How to get tokens online?

Initially to take online tokens click here Do it Then choose the name of the owner, the office to go for the service and the type of service as per the demand. After doing so, the token is booked after filling in the verification code form on your mobile.

By printing the token from the computer or by taking the token or SMS from the mobile, you will have to go to the office on the day you choose to fill the token.

How many online tokens are issued by the transport office every day click here It can be seen.


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