Here are the reasons why touch screens don’t work and how to fix them yourself

Here are the reasons why touch screens don’t work and how to fix them yourself

The touch screen feature makes it very helpful and easy to use on a smartphone or Windows. As easy as the touch screen is to use other mobile devices, it is also prone to damage and problems.

Annoys the touch screen of smart mobile or Windows from time to time. However, with some methods, we can solve the problem of not working easily at home.
Here we are going to discuss some easy ways to solve the problem if the touch screen does not work.

The first step

1. Restart the mobile

If there is any problem in the mobile, restarting it can solve that problem. If an app doesn’t work, the SIM doesn’t work, or any other problem, restarting the mobile can solve this problem.

Similarly, if there is a problem with the touch screen, the mobile can work again when restarted.

2. Clean the touch screen and screen protector

Sometimes even if the touch screen is dirty or something is stuck, it may not work well. Sometimes the touch screen may not work because of the dirt on your finger. In this case, the following measures should be taken.

– Clean your hands well. Wipe the touch screen with a soft cloth. Dry and cold clothes can also be used but soapy clothes should never be used.

– Remove the screen protector used to protect the screen of the mobile. The screen protector may have been littered with dirt and water. This may be the reason why the touch screen did not work.

– After removing the screen protector, the screen should be cleaned again. If the screen protector is worn for a long time, it may have made the screen dirty.

The second step

If your mobile phone has fallen or the touch screen is not working due to getting wet, it is a bit difficult to fix. The method is easy if you do it carefully but if you find it difficult to dry the phone, it is better to take it to the repair center.

We are discussing how to fix the phone if the touch screen does not work due to falling or getting wet or other reasons.

1. Dry the phone

If your mobile is wet, the touch screen may not work properly. If you have such a problem due to getting wet, you should dry your phone. The set protector used for the protection of the set can be removed and cleaned, the battery can be removed and dried.

2. Slowly press on each corner of the phone

When the phone falls to the ground, there may be some delay in its internal connection. In this case, pressing gently on each corner of the phone may turn the touch screen on again.

3. Remove SIM card, memory card and peripherals

Problems with devices such as SIM cards, memory cards or USB can sometimes cause problems with the touch screen of a mobile or Windows device.

Special care should be taken while removing SIM card, memory card or peripherals.

4. Even so, if the touch screen doesn’t work, an advanced solution should be found.

Advance measures

There are a number of reasons why your mobile or Windows touch screen may not work. This may be due to the file you downloaded. If the touch screen is not working due to various reasons, here are some ways to solve it in an advanced way.

1. Put in safe mode

Sometimes the touch screen may not work because of the app you downloaded. One way to do this is to keep the device in safe mode.

If the touch screen works after you start Safe Mode, you should know that there is a problem with the app or program you downloaded. For this you need to know what is the last downloaded app or program.

२. Use calibration tools on the device or make sensitive settings
Windows touch screen calibration tools can solve the problem of touch screen.

३. If the touch screen does not work even after taking these advanced measures, the driver should be updated and the touch screen should be restarted.

Updating or restoring the touch screen driver

If your Windows touch screen does not work, updating its driver may fix the problem. Enabling and restoring the driver may solve the problem.
Doing so requires connecting the keyboard and mouse or touchpad to the device.

१. Updating the touch screen driver

२. Disable and renew the Windows touch screen driver

३. Uninstall and restart the touch screen driver

४. If your device’s touch screen doesn’t work, you need to take it to a repair center.


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