Here’s how eSewa users can now withdraw money from Everest Bank ATMs

eSewa users can now withdraw money from Everest Bank ATMs. For the first time in Nepal, the facility of ATM withdrawal from digital wallet has been announced.

For this service, an agreement was signed between eSewa CEO Jagdish Khadka and Everest Bank Deputy CEO Vijay Kumar Sharma.

Along with this, the hassle of having to carry Everest Bank’s Visa card to withdraw money from ATMs is also over. It is believed that this service will benefit the customers of eSewa and Everest Bank.

Jagdish Khadka, CEO of eSewa said that ATM withdrawal service has been introduced for the convenience of users and financial inclusion.

‘Isewa has moved forward according to the plan to create a cashless economy. But still a large area is yet to be cashless,’ he said. This will help customers who do not have bank accounts and places where digital transactions are not available. ‘

Similarly, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Deputy CEO of Everest Bank, informed that although there is no charge for ATM withdrawal from eSewa at the initial stage, after some time the charge set by the National Bank will be charged.

At present, only Everest Bank has joined the ATM withdrawal service of eSewa. There is a plan to gradually bring others to join the bank as well. On the occasion of its launch, there will be no fee for withdrawing money from eSewa through Everest Bank’s ATM service. But after that, the fee will be charged according to the rules set by the National Bank.

According to the rules of Rashtra Bank, money can be withdrawn from ATMs up to 5000 rupees per day and 25000 rupees per month.

How to use?

To use this service, first update or download the eSewa app. Then you will see an option called ATM Withdraw. Then select the bank and proceed.

After doing this, put the amount to be withdrawn from the ATM in the Withdrawal Amount and enter the withdrawal purpose and remarks and click on proceed.

After this put your MPIN or fingerprint. And an OTP code will be sent to your message. That OTP should be kept at the ATM booth of the bank.

For this, first go to cashless withdrawal on the screen of the ATM booth. Then select the language. After doing this, click on the e-service shown there and enter your e-service id.

After entering the eSewa ID, enter the OTP code received in the previous message and how much money to withdraw. Please remember that the amount of money deposited in the ATM and the amount deposited in the ATM must be the same when withdrawing from the ATM through the eSewa app. After doing this, your money will come out.


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