Here’s how to use Gmail’s ‘Yellow Star’ feature to keep essential emails together

Information technology company Google provides different platforms for different needs of its users. Maps, Drive, Gmail, Play Store are popular platforms of Google.


Google’s email service Gmail is also an important part of many users’ professional lives. From sending important information to receiving private and confidential information, this service is useful for users.

In such a situation, the user is also given the facility of various options on this platform of the company.

It is normal for Google Gmail users to receive many mails throughout the day. However, sometimes there are many mail piles containing such mails which are of no use to the user.

In such a situation, Google has provided a shortcut option for useful mail for the user. Users can keep important mails in the folder with the help of yellow star icon.

Through this icon, users can list useful mails and groups. As soon as you click on the star icon that appears in a mail or group, the star turns yellow, which means that mails with a yellow star can be easily identified among many mails.

However, sometimes certain groups and mails are only needed for a short period of time. In this case, if the mail is placed in the favorite category, it can increase the work. In this case, mails can also be removed from the device.

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