Hide any app on smartphone like this

Everyone has an app with a lot of personal data on their phone. Even if you have used secure lock on that app, if you succeed in unlocking it, someone can see your private information.


To survive this kind of situation, you can also hide the app on your phone. There is not only an option to uninstall or disable an app in a hidden way, but also an option to hide it.

Today we are giving you information on how to protect an important app of your smartphone from prying eyes.

For this, first you have to go to the settings of the smartphone. Now you have to go to the privacy tab by scrolling. Now you have to click on hide app option under privacy protection tab. After doing this, you have to enter the privacy password on another screen.

Here you can see a list of different apps and you have to select the app you want to hide from it and toggle it on. Now you have to keep the passcode for the Dean app.

This passcode should start and end with a hashtag. This passcode allows you to see the hidden apps of your phone. After doing this, the app you selected will disappear.

You can get the hidden app by entering the passcode on the dial pad of the phone. After entering the passcode, the hidden app will run automatically. You can also turn off app notifications to make it look like the app isn’t on your phone.

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