Honoring Women Employees by InfoDevelopers

Nepal’s leading information technology company Infodevelopers has honored its female employees. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Infodevelopers honored female employees who have contributed more than 3 years in a program organized.


Infodevelopers has 106 female employees working in software development, planning, sales, marketing, support and other departments.

The company honored Anu Khadka, Bindu Pradhan, Diksha Shakya, Lasta Tuladhar, Manisha Khanal, Nishma Kafle, Renuka Khadka, Sanju Magar, Shreya Tamang, Sristina Nakarmi, Sushmita Rai.

Speaking on behalf of the honored employees, Senior Engineer Nishma Kafle said that while working in Nepal’s leading company, she learned various practical things as well as played a big role in making herself excel in the ICT field.

In addition to the honor, various cultural programs were also presented by the employees.
In the same program, while giving her opinion on behalf of the female employees, Product Owner Deepika Paudyal said that she did not receive any unequal treatment while working in the office.

Similarly, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dr. Rajib Subba gave the example of Margaret Hamilton, the chief software engineer of the Apollo project, and said that the number of women working in the field of ICT is decreasing because women were doing the work of writing code for software development in the early days.

He also said that 22 percent of women are working in the world’s ICT sector, but it is a matter of pride to have at least 30 percent of female employees in Infodevelopers. He also says that women can play a leadership role in the field of ICT as well as in various professions.

Umesh Raghuvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of the company, said that he never compares men and women while hiring employees. He is of the opinion that there should be no discrimination between women and men in any service, facility and responsibility in the company.

Raghuvanshi encouraged her to overcome her weaknesses by saying that thinking that she is weak and trying to depend on others for some things is a weakness in herself. Infodevelopers also aims to increase the number of female employees to over 35 percent in the next 2/3 years.

Founded in 2002, Infodevelopers Pvt. It is a pioneering fintech company developing core banking solutions (CBS) for cooperatives and microfinance. More than 350 employees are working to provide various projects, products and services for the Government of Nepal, banks and financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives and microfinance.

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