How excellent is the customer service of Nepal’s leading internet service provider company Worldlink?

The customer support of the related company plays an important role for the internet service to be quality and reliable.


Accordingly, Nepal’s leading internet service provider company Worldlink has been providing excellent customer service for that.

For this, the company has established around 170 ‘support zones’ (support zones) across the country. Skilled technical teams capable of solving the customer’s Internet-related problems have been deployed in all those areas.

Therefore, it is possible for the customers of Worldlink to get simple, convenient and effective service. According to the company, there is one customer support area every four kilometers in Kathmandu Valley. Therefore, if there is any problem related to the Internet, within two hours of receiving the complaint, the staff of Worldlink will reach the customer’s home to solve it.

Director of Worldlink Laxman Yadav says that if the employee does not arrive within two hours except for special reasons, the company will provide free internet for two days as compensation.

“We are committed to providing the customer with the most efficient service possible,” he says, “even if our field staff arrives just five minutes late than two hours, we have made arrangements to compensate the customer.” The company has been using various means of providing customer support to the customers.

call center

Worldlink has provided various means of communication to listen to customer complaints and resolve issues. Under which customers can contact Worldlink numbers 015970050, 9801523050, 9801523051, 9801523052 and 9801523053 at any time to report their problems.

According to Yadav, the company’s call center has been managed in such a way that it can provide customer service to nine lakh customers. Worldlink customers can get 24-hour technical support by calling 9801523051 in case of problems.

In this way, if a complaint is received, the problem is resolved from the desk as far as possible. Otherwise, the problem is reported to the relevant support area for resolution. In this case, the company’s technicians will come from the nearest support area and solve the problem.

Similarly, you can contact 9801523052 to get information about new connections and 9801523053 to know about renewal and packages.

Social media and email

of the company [email protected] You can also send your complaints by emailing and messaging on various social media pages.

Worldlink has arranged live chat on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp (9801523051) and Viber for this.

My Worldlink App

Similarly, the customer support head of the company, Anil Rajak, says that there is also a facility where the customer can identify the problem in their internet or router using the ‘My Worldlink’ app.

“Customers can go to the account diagnostic tool in the My WorldLink app to identify their problem,” says Rajak, “The diagnostic tool identifies the root cause of the internet failure and automatically resolves the problem and opens a ticket for a support agent.”

Except for special reasons, Worldlink has given a guarantee that the problem will be solved within two hours after the ticket is prepared.

Arrangement of field staff

Worldlink has provided the field staff with state-of-the-art equipment to provide quality service to customers. By using GPS, the employees can arrive at the place that the customer says.

The customer can identify the field staff by seeing the tool box in the staff’s hand, by looking at the jacket the staff is wearing or by looking at the ID card filled by the staff. The company has arranged vehicles for them to reach the customer’s house quickly.

“We are equally vigilant for the safety of our staff working in the field. We have provided equipment such as globes, helmets, etc. for their safety,” Yadav continues. If it is closed, at other times, the work will be done during office hours (from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm) on seven days.”

Provision of advance information

With the aim that the work of the customer will not be affected due to sudden interruption of the internet service, the company has also arranged advance notification.

Rajak goes on to say, “If the internet service is interrupted in any area for some reason, we have arranged to inform the customer in advance. Especially if there is a problem with a pole or splitter and the internet service is interrupted in a wide area, the customer in that area gets an advance notification about the service interruption.”

Before the service is interrupted, the company informs the customer through SMS, mobile app and email about the reason for the interruption of the service, the time it will be interrupted and the time it will take to regularize the service. In this case, Rajak says that the customer can look for an alternative to the Internet at that time.


Customers of the company can receive customer service by sending an SMS to 35465 from their registered mobile number.

FIX if the internet is not working [username]Extend to extend the duration of the package [username]wl status to know the remaining period of the package [username] and understand about payment wl bill [username] You have to type and send an SMS to that number.

Similarly, the company also gives advance notices regarding internet service to the registered mobile number of the customer. In which the information about the internet shutdown or maintenance in the customer’s area, the time it takes for the service to be regularized is sent.

Not only this, the notification that a ticket has been opened to address a customer’s complaint, a ticket has been closed after the complaint has been addressed, the bill payment date is approaching, and automatically added after the expiry of the package also comes to the mobile number.

Likewise, Worldlink has been providing special facilities for its enterprise customers. Enterprise level customers can get call center support anytime by contacting 9801523061. Such customers [email protected] Internet-related complaints can also be noted by emailing

Worldlink’s support team and staff are experienced. The company is confident that it will satisfy the customer through its services.

Yadav says, “If the customer contacts any employee of Worldlink, understand that his problem is solved. The customer whom he comes in contact with is doing the customer support work.”

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