How much annual income does a Nepali freelancer who exports IT services earn on average?

With the development and expansion of information technology, freelancers exporting IT services are also increasing in recent times.


Their contribution in earning foreign exchange by exporting services as freelancers is also important. But till now, Nepal did not have the data of freelancers exporting information technology services.

Recently, a study conducted by the Center for Comprehensive Development (IIDS) has shown that there are 66,509 freelancers from Nepal till the year 2022.

7 thousand 212 in clerical and data entry, 7 thousand 355 in creative and multimedia, 267 in professional services, 3 thousand 326 in sales and marketing support, 14 thousand 728 in software development and technology, 5 thousand 668 in digital platform writing and translation are working as freelancers.

In 2021, there were 42,847 IT service exporters, and in 2022, their number has reached 66,000. In one year many freelancer services from Nepal have been added.

In the study of IDIS, it is seen that freelancers earn an average of 4 thousand 723 US dollars, i.e. 6 lakh 13 thousand 990 rupees. 70 percent of the freelancers have completed IT related courses.

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