How to check if the audio level on your device is harmful to the ears?

How to check if the audio level on your device is harmful to the ears?

Headphones have become an important part of people’s lives. Its importance has increased since I started working and studying from home.

We’ve also increased the use of headphones as video conferencing and other simple calls have become more common.

Even listening to the song has been accompanied by earphones and headphones. But how do we know if the decibel of sound is safe for us? Today we are giving information about this.

To check the decibel level on the laptop

Third party apps are suitable for checking decibel level on laptop. Both Google Chrome and Microsoft have extensions that allow you to check decibel levels.

For Google Chrome

First you need to open the Chrome Webstore then search for the decibel level or sound meter by clicking on the Extensions tab. Then download and install.

To check the decibel level on iPhone

To do this, first go to Settings and click on Control Center. There you will find a hearing option and you have to click on the plus sign to add it to the control center.

Now you have to connect your headphones or earphones. Then click on the Hearing icon in the Control Center. The decibel level can be determined by looking at a song or audio on the iPhone.

To check the decibel level on Android phone

There is an option in the setting to check the decibel level in Android phone. For this, third party apps can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store. Popular apps include decibel meter, sound meter, dB meter.


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