How To Clean Your Windows PC Jock File In 6 Steps?

How To Clean Your Windows PC Jock File In 6 Steps?

It is also important to take good care of digital devices. It is also very important to clean up the junk file while taking care of it. Today we will discuss how to clean a Windows PC jock file using a command prompt.

1. First, click Start at the bottom left of the screen and type CMD or Command Prompt in the search bar. Then click Enter.

2. Then click on the command prompt app.

3. To do this, type the following code in the Command Prompt window to see where the temporary files have been saved. %SystemRoot%explorer.exe%temp%

4. Now you can delete files by pressing Ctrl & A or by pressing Shift & Delete.

5. Low disk commands can be used to free up space on some disks cleanmgr/lowdisk/e Be .
6. To clear the disk quickly cleanmgr/verylowdisk/e The code can also be used.


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