How to increase the WiFi speed of your home?

At the time of the epidemic, the consumption of the Internet has increased dramatically. The Internet is very important for everyone from teaching to working.

Today we are discussing how to increase the WiFi speed of your home keeping the same topic in mind.

१. Keep your router in the open

Internet speed can be maintained by placing your router in an open space or on the main floor of the house.

Wi-Fi is also slow due to a lot of stuff, walls. It is better to place the router on a piece of furniture than on the floor. We should probably keep the router away from electronic devices like cordless phones, microwaves. It is also best to keep the router’s antenna perpendicular (90 degrees), one third and the other upright.

Mobile wireless apps like CloudCheck can be tested to find wireless deadspots in your home. It shows where the signal is best coming to your home and you can keep the same router.

2. Use of new WiFi technology

Technologies are changing. The best way to increase WiFi speed is to use new hardware. Newer models run three times better than older wireless models.

You should definitely choose WiFi with WPA. Always password protect your WiFi.

3. Limit device and optimize settings

Most routers have a quality of service setting. It can be used to decide which apps have access to Internet bandwidth.

For example, if your file needs to be added to an important webinar while it is being downloaded, it will give more priority to calls. You can download the file later, but you can prioritize what is important at the beginning.

Also pay attention to whether the firmware and driver of the wireless route has been last updated. To do this, go to the router settings and start manually updating.

Using WiFi Analyzer or WiFi Scanner to differentiate your WiFi channel from your neighbors will also speed up the internet.


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