How to increase undo send time in email or outlook?

How to increase undo send time in email or outlook?

No mail can be sent by sending an undo to email or Outlook. The undo send button is also called the delay send feature. This feature must have been used by all of us, either by mail to the wrong person or by sending the wrong document. But this feature is only available for a very short time.

But we can create up to 30 seconds in email and up to 10 seconds in Outlook. The following procedure can be used to increase the time of egg sending.

To extend the time in email:

First go to the web browser and go to Gmail settings. Then click on the General tab to find the Undo Send option. Then select Undo window in the drop down menu.

The time can be adjusted by choosing from options like 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. Then scroll down and click on Save Change.

To extend the time in Outlook:

First go to Outlook Settings and click View All Settings. Then go to Select Mail and go to Compose and Reply and select the time frame below the Undo Send option. So you have to click save.


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