How to schedule a post on Instagram?

How to schedule a post on Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social network. Many people have also started using this platform to expand their products and services. In this case, you may have to keep posting and scheduling the post will be easier.

To schedule posts from Facebook Creator Studio:

To use Facebook Creator Studio, you need a professional Instagram account. Creator account must have more than ten thousand followers. Posts cannot be scheduled for personal accounts using Facebook Creator Studio.

To do this, first open Creator Studio and link to your Instagram account. For this, you have to open Creator Studio and log in to your Facebook account. Then click on the Instagram icon and click on the Connect Your Account button. Once connected, click on the Create Post button on the left sidebar.

You have to choose from Instagram feed or IG TV. Now upload the content to be posted and click on the down arrow next to the publicity button at the bottom right. Then go to the Schedule option and select the time and date you want and press the Schedule button.

To schedule a post on a personal account:

For this, you have to download third party apps like Hutsut, Buffer, SKD Social. Posts can be easily uploaded by scheduling from these apps.


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