How to send files larger than 25 MB by email?

Kathmandu. Email is considered an official and formal medium for information and communication. That's why email has been used for decades to inform about various types of information, to communicate or for various other purposes.

Various types of files can also be sent through email. However, files larger than 25 MB cannot be sent to it. Today we are giving information on how to send large files via email.

1) Google Drive

Google Drive is the best option for sending large files via email. You can send the file uploaded to Drive to any email address. Follow the following procedure for that.

-First of all open Google Drive app or click here Go to Drive's site.

– Then click on the Plus New (+ New) button at the bottom right.

-And select the upload option.

– After doing this, select the file you want. And, tap on the Select option at the top right.

-And, let the file upload. This may take some time depending on the file size and internet speed.

– After the file is uploaded, the file appears at the top.

-Tap on the three dots on the right side of that file.

-And choose the option of Share.

-And again, tap on the three dots on the top right.

– Then go to the Manage access option that appears at the bottom.

-Then go to the Change option at the bottom of Restricted.

-And click on the Greater Than (>) icon on the right.

– After doing this, go to the option of 'Anyone with link' (Anyone with link) at the bottom.

-Then tap on the link icon on the top right. And send the link to the desired tagena via email.

2) V-Transfer

Another option that can be used to share large files is V-Transfer. You can also upload a file of up to two GB you want and send its link directly or via email to the concerned person. Follow the below procedure for that.

– First of all click here Go to the V-Transfer site.

-Then tap on the plus icon that appears there. And select the file you want.

– There are two options. One will be sent directly by email and the other will be sent by copying the link.

– If you want to send a link directly, tap on the 'Get a link' button. And send the link to your desired email address.

-However, if you want to send the link to an email without copying it, press the button with three dots inside the round circle next to 'Get a link'.

– And tick the option of Send email transfer (Send email transfer).

– Then again tap on the three dots on the bottom left.

And, in the box written Email to (Email to) type the email ID you want and put your email below.

-And tap on the transfer button.

– After doing this, a confirmation code will be sent to your email. And, after you put that code, the file will reach the person you want to send from your email.

There are several options for sending large files like this. For example, Dropbox, Terabox, Filestage, etc. can also be used. Since large files cannot be sent directly by email, you can use the methods mentioned above. It is especially useful to create a shareable link of the file and send it via email.

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