How to take a screenshot of a flower page conversation on the WhatsApp web?

How to take a screenshot of a flower page conversation on the WhatsApp web?

While many people are still working from work firm home, WhatsApp web has also become an important part of many WhatsApp users. This makes it easier for users to work.

But it does not have the option to take a screenshot of the flower page. This is because Windows 10 does not have the scrolling screenshot feature.

But today we’re going to show you how to take a screenshot of a full page conversation on the WhatsApp web.

Process 1: Using the Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has a full page screenshot feature. First go to Edge and press Shift + Control + S and then click on Full Page Screenshot option. Then scroll down to the WhatsApp web conversation page and click on the save icon after getting the screenshot.

Process 2: Using the Chrome extension

There are many third party Google Chrome extensions on the Internet that allow you to take screenshots of flower pages in Chrome.

To do this, go to the Chrome Web Store and look for the full page screenshot extension. For this you can find and use extensions like Go Full Page, Screenshot Tool, Screenshot Master.

You need to connect it to Chrome and go to the WhatsApp web to open a conversation. And screenshots can be taken by clicking on the extension. Google has said it will include screenshots in Chrome in future updates.


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