How to translate the text in the image with google translator

Text can be translated from images on the web in Google’s Google Translator. It has the facility to translate text using the same AR translate tool used in Google Lens.


This allows some text to be translated from the image in real time. You can find this option on the Google Translate website, where there is an image option on the top tab. It can translate the text of images on the web.

For now, 113 source languages ​​are available in the app. After translating the text of the image, there are options to copy the text and download it. Due to this, the translated text can be used in other places as well.

How to translate on PC?

For this, open any web browser on your PC. Now go to translate dot google dot ko dot in. Now select the image tab at the top.

Now you have to select the source language and select the language to be translated. Now you can select the language to be translated by clicking on the option called Browse Your Computer.

How to translate on Android or iOS

First of all, you need to open the Translate app on your Android or iOS. Now you have to click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and select the source language and select the language to be translated. Photos can also be uploaded from the gallery.

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