How to use a clubhouse, how to make a room?

How to use a clubhouse, how to make a room?

Clubhouse is a voice chatting app. Available on both Android and iOS. This is a fully audio app. Nothing is saved in this app. I can’t play later in this app.

In this app users can host various discussions or participate in discussions. After opening the app, users will be able to get a list of different rooms.

You can join those rooms or make your own room. Different topics are discussed in each room and most of the time those rooms are hosted by an expert on a subject. It has no video or picture and the text is very rare.

The clubhouse first went public in the United States in March 2020. Initially, the app was run only by venture capitalists, but since famous people like Musk and Bill Gates started running the app, the clubhouse has become popular.

How to use the Clubhouse app?

Before joining the clubhouse, the user must have an invitation to the clubhouse. Each user will be able to send a limited number of invitations. First you have to download the app from Google Play Store or App Store then users have to create a profile by entering their invite code. After this, you have to choose the username in the rooms so that others can recognize it. Then the profile can also be placed in the bio. Twitter and Instagram accounts can also be linked to the clubhouse.

After creating a profile, you will have to choose your favorite topics from topics like Hang Out, World Affairs, Life, Hustle, Knowledge, Wellness, Places, Faith, Entertainment, Identity, Tech, Language, Sports and Arts. If you give the app access to contacts, the app will start giving suggestions to people. The app also suggests rooms according to the topic of interest you have chosen.

How to start a room?

It is very easy to make a room in a clubhouse. To start the room, click on the ‘Start a Room’ button at the bottom of the home screen. Then choose whether to make the room open, social or closed.

Anyone who links is open. Those who follow you can go to the social room. You can only join a closed group after you have given your approval. After doing so, you have to choose a title for your room. Then click on the ‘Let’s go’ option to be on air.

How to join a room?

It is very easy to join the room. You can add your favorite subject to the room by clicking on it from the homescreen or searching for your favorite subject The mic is automatically muted as soon as it is connected to the room. In order to speak, the host presses on the ‘Raise your hand’ option and you can speak.


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