How to use old smartphone as fast as new?

How to use old smartphone as fast as new?

Most smartphones run on a single click. Are fast. As its use increases, the speed of the phone gradually decreases. They are being hacked. I’m tired of driving.
If we use some method, the old phone can be used as fast as the new one. The following measures can be used for that.

1. Storage cleaning

There are many storage clearing apps. Google’s Google Files Go is also a great app for clearing storage. This app removes files that take up a lot of space and also scans the phone and suggests which ones to remove. This app can also find and delete the same type of photo with a single click.

2. Have a simple home screen

The home screen consumes a lot of our phone’s yam. We should use very few widgets and we should not use live wallpapers as much as possible.

3. Disable bloatware

Most Android apps already have OEM apps installed. Such an app is called bloatware. Some apps we never use. If this happens, those apps should be removed immediately. OEM has sealed some apps, so the reason is that such apps should be disabled. Disabling such an app is like uninstalling it.

4. Install the latest software

Many people mistakenly think that installing software takes up even more space. Installing the latest software fixes bugs and keeps the mobile running smoothly. The problem of hanging also disappears.


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