Huawei conducts live trial of 800G with Turkcell and China Mobile Zhejiang

Huawei conducts live trial of 800G with Turkcell and China Mobile Zhejiang

Huawei has completed two 800G tests on the live network. Huawei has tested one with Turkcell and the other with China Mobile Zhejiang.

The announcement came after Huawei launched the 800G tunable optical module in late February 2020. The Turkcell test was performed between two data centers in Istanbul using Huawei’s ultra-high-speed service processing boards that support programmable and wide adjustment of various modulation formats from 200G to 800G.

Using channel-match sapping (CMS) technology, the latest Faster Than Nequist (FTN) algorithm system and AI neuron function module, the system can quickly and automatically learn to monitor complex link environments on a direct network and perform network transmissions.

It achieves single-fiber capability of 48 Tbps and ensures optimal spectral efficiency and transmission performance. The test confirms the 400G ultra-long-haul transmission capability of the live network, which can carry an uninterrupted transmission of 1,040 km from Istanbul to Ankara.

Gaddyz Sejgin, CTO of Turkcell, said: “We will continue to invest in our infrastructure to strengthen our existing technology and prepare our networks for a better FiveG user experience.”
He said, “Virtual reality applications, autonomous driving and smartcity digital areas will be the mainstay in the FiveG era.”

Simon Lule, chairman of Huawei’s transmission network domain, said he was happy to work with Turkcell and complete the 800G WDM test on the live network.

It demonstrates Huawei’s leadership in the field of ultra-high-speed optical transmission. Huawei will continue its strategic investment and innovation in high-speed optical broadcasting, ‘he said,’ providing high-quality, reliable and evolving solutions for customers around the world. ‘

A few days ago, China Mobile (Zhejiang) tested Huawei’s 800G ultra-high-speed optical module. It supports bandwidth and wavelength spacing adjustments. At a distance of 80 km, two data centers were used during the test.


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