Huawei released the AR White Paper

Huawei released the AR White Paper

At the Huawei Better World Summit for FiveG Plus AR, Huawei Career BG CMO Bob Kai has put forward his views titled Turning Dreams Into Reality. In it, Kai said that FiveG will turn on AR and AR will make FiveG light up.

He also announced the release of the AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper. Which provides insights to the AR industry in terms of tools, applications and networking. Kai called on the industry as a whole to work for a prosperous FiveG Plus AR ecosystem.

AR will create a new frontier

Huawei and third-party data predict that the AR market will reach अर्ब 300 billion by 2025.

“AR will see broad adaptations in the first five primary industries: education, social networking, shopping, travel and navigation, gaming,” Kai said.

AR makes communication more efficient

At the event, Kai made public a case study on AR adopted by Huawei. Due to the Covid-19, customers around the world are unable to come to Huawei, so Huawei uses AR to showcase its leading products and solutions online, making communication more efficient.

Huawei also uses AR to achieve faster delivery of FiveG base stations which increases distribution efficiency.

Huawei simplifying AR

At the event, Kai presented how Huawei produces AR. Huawei’s Air Photo uses unique algorithms to convert 2D photos to digital 3D models, and has simplified AR 3D character modeling.

Kai introduced the Huawei AR engine, the company’s mobile development-oriented AR development platform. With the Huawei AR engine, developers have to write only 10 lines of code to create AR effects, which greatly increases the efficiency of AR application development.

The entire industry should work together to create a FiveG Plus AR ecosystem

Important people of the region were present at the event and expressed their views. Among them are He Chenjian, Director of Shenzhen Communications Bureau, David McQueen, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, Hwang He, Chief Producer of Shenzhen TV Station, Wei Rongji, CEO of Realmax, Hiroshi Fukuda, Milip CEO, China Liang Jinjeo Including the Executive Director of the AR Association.

He presented his views on recent AR experiment cases and future trends in AR.

According to He Chenjian, Shenzhen is the first city in the world to have full SA FiveG coverage. The ICT services represented by AR could potentially be applied in industries including industrial manufacturing, e-commerce, real estate, home decor, culture, sports, tourism, healthcare and education.

AR applications have become a major engine for digital conversion and it profoundly changes the way we produce and the way we live.

At the end of his remarks, Kai said, ‘If you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk together. The development of AR requires the industry as a whole to work together and create a prosperous FiveG Plus AR value chain. ARR 5G is available in due course. FiveG turns on AR and AR makes FiveG light up. ‘

To download AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper click here Do it


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