Huawei to invest १०० 100 million in startup ecosystem over next 3 years

Huawei to invest १०० 100 million in startup ecosystem over next 3 years

Huawei plans to invest १०० 100 million in startup support at the Huawei Cloud Spark Founders Summit in Singapore and Hong Kong simultaneously.

According to Huawei, the investment will be in its Asia-Pacific Spark program, which aims to build a sustainable startup ecosystem for the region over the next three years.

Huawei is helping Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand become its startup hubs. At the summit, Huawei announced that it would focus its efforts on developing four additional startup hubs in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The Spark Accelerator program aims to recruit a total of 1,000 startups and scale 100 of them in a scaleup.

Also at the summit, Huawei inaugurated its Cloud-Plus-Cloud Collaboration and Joint Innovation program to support startups around the world.

Huawei is dedicated to continuing the effort and leveraging the full business portfolio in cloud-plus-cloud collaboration to promote technological innovation, global and local services and the business ecosystem, which is said to drive the growth of startups.

The summit was attended by many leading Asian startups, academics, various industries and governments and the media, as well as more than 50 regional top venture capitalists and more than 300 startup founders.

Speeches and panels at the event focused on the social value of startup ecosystems and how to promote technological and ecosystem innovation.

Catherine Chen, senior vice president and board member at Huawei, described the startup and SAE as the inventors, blockchains and pioneers of our time.

’34 years ago, Huawei was a startup with a capital of only 5,000. Recently, we have been thinking: How can we use our experience and resources to help startups address challenges? Doing so will enable them to use the opportunities presented by digital transformation, to achieve business success and to develop more innovative products and solutions for the world, ”he said.

Zhang Pinguan, CEO of Huawei’s Cloud Business Unit, said that since its launch in 2017, Huawei Cloud has become the fastest growing cloud in the world.

In 2021, HMS Ecosystem plans to support 200 startups and share our network of channel resources with 1 billion Huawei device users around the world.

He further said, “In addition, we will open an HMS Developer Innovation Center to support 1 million HMS cloud-native developers.”

According to Huawei, currently 4.5 million developers from 170 countries and territories rely on HMS. Huawei aims to generate future talent by supporting 210 major universities across the Asia-Pacific region.

Huawei Asia Pacific President Jeffrey Liu said that for the past two decades, he has been committed to “Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific”.

“The program will invest more than १०० 100 million over the next three years,” he said.


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