Huawei’s partner conference in the Asia Pacific region was completed, 6 new plans were announced

Huawei has organized a conference for its Asia Pacific partners. The main objective of the event, which was attended by more than 1,200 partners from ten countries, was focused on the growth and development of technology in Asia Pacific.


As one of the most active regions in the global digital economy, the Asia-Pacific has long been considered a center of global economic growth and is also a leader in digitization and innovation. In Asia-Pacific alone, Huawei is committed to strengthen and strengthen its partner network by increasing investment and various incentive packages to more than 7,900 enterprise partners and more than 2,000 cloud partners.

The new partner programs are believed to make technology even more affordable for customers, promote the digital economy and increase digital productivity.

At the opening ceremony of the program, Huawei announced 6 new cooperation plans for the Asia Pacific. The program has one scheme each for Government, Finance, Power, Roads, Waterways and Ports respectively, as well as packages for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Data Center Facility Solutions sectors. By approving the new cooperation plan, all partners have pledged to support Huawei in industrial digital transformation.

David Wang, Executive Director of Huawei, Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Management Board and Chairman of Enterprise BG, said at the event’s opening ceremony, “Digital and intelligent transformation is creating ripples around the world, with the potential to create a market space of more than one trillion US dollars.

Huawei wants to work with partners to take advantage of these abundant opportunities. In addition to designing three key partner development strategies for the Asia-Pacific market, named account market, professional market and distribution business, to address various needs in a more targeted manner, in cooperation with partners, the named account will be digitalized. He informed that the aim is to speed up the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises and to expand the distribution market. He expressed that Huawei will be successful only if its partners are successful.

Nicolas Ma, president of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group, also spoke at the event, presenting the company’s five-year forecast for the Asia-Pacific region. With Huawei contributing 95 percent of its income from its partners, with the expectation that its business will grow rapidly in the coming years, partners can earn 800 million US dollars annually by selling Huawei’s products and services.

Similarly, Bob Chen, vice president of Huawei Enterprise BG and president of Enterprise Marketing and Solutions Sales, said that while partnering with the business market to create more marketable products, solutions, and IT platforms for the distribution business, Huawei will create products and IT platforms under the new subbrand Huawei Equit. In addition to optimizing, together with partners, articulated plans to accelerate the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers in Asia-Pacific.

In addition, Huawei Cloud Marketing President William Dong presented the goal of developing Huawei Cloud to more than one million partners, connecting more than 10 million developers and serving 10 million enterprise customers.

Focusing on a service strategy, Huawei Cloud will continue to provide the technologies, tools and experiences it has built over the past 30 years to the cloud, as well as continue to collaborate with partners to provide a full range of cloud services and solutions, enabling Huawei Cloud to become a cloud foundation and enable industrial digitalization.

Huawei Digital Power’s Global Marketing, Sales and Service President Charles Yang spoke about using environmentally friendly methods to create a sustainable future. Yang said that the next three decades will be defined by decarbonization, digitalization and intellectual transformation.

In addition, two new flagship intelligent cloud-network products CloudEngine 16800-X and CloudEngine S16700 for the Asia-Pacific market were unveiled at the company’s Technical Innovation Summit. In addition, storage products, solutions, digitization tools, and partner support programs for the commercial market in the region have also been announced.

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