If connected in Kathmandu, CCTV cameras with AI feature, clear view even at night

Kathmandu. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (NFPR), Facial Recognition System (FRS) and CC cameras with AI (Artificial Intelligence) have been installed within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City area. The Metropolitan Municipality has installed cameras in collaboration with Nepal Police.

These cameras provide a view of the identity of people and objects related to the incident and where they went and how they went. Among the cameras with such characteristics, NFPR (vehicle and driver view and details) and FRS (person related to the incident) cameras have been placed in 10 places.

Along with this, the number of CCTVs placed in the city has reached 335 through collaboration. On 15th of February 2075, after making an agreement. and In 2076/077, 25 PTZs (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) and 140 fixed 165 and in the current financial year (2080-081) 5 PTZs, 145 fixed, 10 ANPR and 10 170 cameras have been installed as FRS.

According to the previous agreement, the Metropolitan Corporation provided 30 million rupees to the Nepal Police. 6 crore will be provided in the current financial year. Out of which, 3 crore rupees have been given in the first installment.

It has been said that the installation of cameras with the ability to see clearly even at night, the provision of street lights for night lighting, and the provision of separate alternative power systems for surveillance rooms.

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