Imports of telecom goods increased by 72 percent to Rs 41 billion in ten months

Imports of telecom goods increased by 72 percent to Rs 41 billion in ten months

In the last ten months, the import of telecom related materials and its parts has skyrocketed in the country. With the development and expansion of information and communication technology in the country, the import of related materials has increased.

According to the data of the Customs Department for the first ten months of the current Fiscal Year, the country has imported telecommunication equipment and its parts worth Rs. 40.92 billion.

This is an increase of 71.833 percent over the corresponding period of the previous year. In the corresponding period of the previous year, the country had imported goods worth Rs. 23.81 billion.

During the last Fiscal Year 2076/77, telecom related goods and spare parts worth Rs. 27.91 billion were imported.

Telecommunication and its parts have been imported within the main 7 items imported in the country. It accounted for 3.3 percent of the total imports in the last ten months.

Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Cell, three telecom companies operating in the country, are expanding and upgrading their networks. Nepal Telecom has recently given impetus to Forge expansion. For this, VTS tower is being constructed and upgraded.

Similarly, the telco is preparing to test the FiveG. It is importing and connecting the necessary materials.

Similarly, Ncell, a leading mobile company in the private sector, is also working on network expansion and upgrade. Ncell has added 269 BTS towers in a year. With this, the total number of towers of Ncell has reached 6,767. He built the 3G and 4G towers.

Ncell has built 171 BTS towers to support Forge in a year. Along with this, Ncell’s military towers have reached 3,461.

Similarly, Ncell has built 98 3G towers in a year. Along with this, its total 3G towers are 3,300.

The total number of Ncell towers has reached 6,767, according to the financial statement.
Similarly, imports of telecommunication related routers have also increased significantly.

Imports of electronic goods have declined in the country. Imports in the first ten months of the last fiscal year decreased by 10.7 percent to Rs. 45.84 billion in the first ten months of this fiscal year.


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